Sunday, 17 June 2012

scene setting - de-grade me

okay readers i knows it been YONKS since i posted but that's cos andy and me have been having lotsa hornee fun. nows you knows andy loves what they call cosplay where i dress up and we act out real dirtee scenes cos... well cos its LOTS of fun! andy comes up with all these amazing scenes idees and sometimes i write them up and mail them back so he knows they make me hornee as wells! so i'm gonna post a few...

mebbe some are usual guy cliches like student/teacher but heys he's MY fucktoy and writing them up so they work for me makes me hornee and THAT'S what counts yeh? ;-D

I wanna good grade! And I'm gonna gets it!

You knows how it is, College ain't really for studies. Well the *studies* I wants are the fit studs who do sports and stuff. Studs who I wanna invites over for wild parties. Not just at weekends but all weeks. Every night! Guess that's why my grades ain't been so goods, and if mummsy and daddsy sees them after paying for me to be here I'm prob gonna get gounded. No more studs. No more parties.

Ain't gonna happen lol!

So i got mes a plan.

I gotta hand in my course works and I knows just the right teacher to mark me. Fuck I wishes he WOULD mark me. Hard. On my arse. And tits. Tween my thighs. He's a hottie and no mistakes. But I need my grade. He's always been kind to me. Gimme benefit of doubt when my work ain't so great. Fuck he'd have MY benefits and no doubts lol.

Last day of term is dress down day. We can wears what we wants. But I wanna keep it simples. So I keep my uniform on but as I'm not gonna need it after todays, unless some guy wants extra underage kinks lol, I spent all last night tweaking it. I'm now the slut college girl from hell. Skirt taken up to extra short. White sheer long sox pulled up over my knees with lil red bows. Killer 5 inch heels. No bra and my blouse unbuttoned daringly so I'm all in dangers of popping out if I twirl my innocent ponytails just a lil too hard. And no panties either so i hopes it ain't too breezy or someones gonna get a flash lol!

So as I shasay down the hall, popping gum in lil pink bubbles like lil tits, swagging my boot-tah, I can tells the guys jaws are smashing on the floor like dropped plates and their eyes are following me on stalks. usually do thats anyways but now I'm full on horny-in-a-handbasket and I can tells their cocks are all twitching and stiffing for a piece of me. I'm sure I've made some leak pre-cum in their boxers cos I can smell it from them. And ain't that the horniest thang for a gal like me? Gonna get some of thats later too, if I cans, y'know?

So in class I sits there no really taking anything in as Mr Hottie tries to give us a peppy talk on stuff outside college. I'm sitting there, crossed leggied, twirling my heel toe at him and my ponytail. Giving him the eye. The wink. Tween popping gum a pout or three. If he ain't getting hard I'm wastings my time. Tata grade. I'm itching to handmy work in. Cos it's got something extra I spent the night on too. After all that uniform tweaking and the effects I hope it has I got quite horny and that was just right for what I had in minds for my plan.

At long long last the end of class bell goes and everyone files up to Mr Hottie's desk to hand their work in. I linger back cos I wanna be alones when I hand my stuff in. Fuck it seems to take as long as the class itself for everyone to say goodbyes and get a 'good luck' from Mr Hottie. I slowly shasay up to his desk with my book in my hands and as innocent lil me look in my eyes as I can despite now being so fucking horny it hurts.

"Could I ask ya a real big favour?" I says it my bestest breathy lil girl voice. I lean forward and prop myself on his desk with both hands after passing my book to him.

"What is it, Sandra?"

"Well," And I'm in full husky sexsay tone nows, flirting with my voice, "Could ya gimme a lil idee bout what kinda grade I'll gets?" And twirl my ponytail suggestively.

Mr Hottie sighs cos he knows it ain't gonna be great. There's something just sticking out of the top of my book.

"I marked it for ya." I says eagerly, "I'm sure you'll see it's my bestest work ever!"

Mr Hottie's finger runs over the top of the sticky-outy thing which sure as fuck ain't just a bookiemark. Catches the pages of the book it marks and flips it open. His eyes focus and nearly pop outs. When he composes himself just enough, and I knows that twitch guys get when caught on the horn and have that pre-cum smell, his eyes raise to meet mine as I blow the biggest tit-like gum bubble and let it pop before using my tongue to pull its remains back tween my lips. And yeh I knows how to use my tongue in other filthy ways, it says to him.

His mouth opens and closes, trying to say my name but it won't come. Mebbe I've already made him cum in his trousers. Cos my bestest ever work is a big photo of me, totally nekkid. Legs apart and fingered my slit as I get off looking at a picture of Mr Hottie, ripped from last year's college year book. And I ain't left much to the imagination...

"Wells, sir? Do I get a good grade. Or are you gonna de-grade me... ?" 

As his eyes widen and lips twitch to say something, I inch up my skirt a lil, just to show I means business.

One fucking awesome grade cumming rights up lol!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

don't be a stranger pt 9


So there we are. Cock Guy, twisted and pinned under me, climaxed out his cock shoved up in my pusscunt for all it's worth. Starting to go limp now. His girl, sighing and tinnily humming on the other end of his phone, having used her new squirty vibrator to get herself off. And during this I fuck her lover reverse cowgirl style, and get a fantastic orgasm at long lusting last. How long has it been since I first saw Cock Guy on that club dance floor, to here? A couple of hours? That must be a new personal best, in time and in a ground moving, mind blowing orgasm. Fuck, that felt so fucking filthy. We haven't even used condoms. Just his naked cock in my unprotected pusscunt. Relishing all that hot cum, squelching deep in her. 

Still, if he has a long term girlfriend then he must be clean. At least health wise. I know how dirty he is in other ways. My pill can cope.

But I'm still feeling very horny. That orgasm should have satisfied, in fact I'm sure it did like none before, but I've found a new level of arousal in Cock Guy. His Girl isn't around for the night, and I think I would like more. In fact, I'm sure I do. The question burns in my mind as much as his cum is burning inside my pusscunt. I've had the one orgasm to his... how many? Blow job. One. Hand wank. Two. The tittyfuck. That didn't count because his Girl wanted a doggy style phone fuck and we didn't finish. The trigger sensitive first doggy fuck. Three. And reverse cowgirl. Four.

He must be capable of more. I know I am. My head spinning and flashing from post-orgasmic ecstasy, I tug one knee up with Cock Guy's cock still in me, then the other until I'm squatting on his thighs. Left foot lifts to hop between his knees and over to the right, then right foot jumps over his stomach, my full weight on him momentarily to land beside his left thigh. Still squatting, his cock still in me just. He looks up at me, in some semblance of pained bliss. It hurts, pinned like this, used like this, but he likes it. My pusscunt squelches and drips his cum load. noisily. Right next to his phone where Cock Guy's Girl is huffing and puffing as she catches her breath.

"mmmm lover." She finally says. "that musta been some cum you shot 'cause i hear your fingers squelching"

I pick the phone and hold it closer to him. "Yes cumslut. You know how much you make me cum. And I'm still wanking my cock. Want to hear?"

There's an enthusiastic "uh huh" so I place the phone on his stomach while we do squat thrusts. That's me squatting on his cock, and Cock Guy thrusting up as much as his exhausted body and cock can. My pusscunt squelches pleasingly. Sucks on his cock. Drools cum hungrily like saliva. I smile down at him. He smiles back up at me. We make a great fuck.

We squat thrust for a few moments more, squelchily slapping cock and pusscunt together. I could be wrong but I would have thought Cock Guy's Girl could tell the difference between Cock Guy's cock being wanked and fucking a pusscunt. Perhaps the reception at her end isn't too good.

If I and my pusscunt are honest we don't want to let his Cock Guy's cock go. I could squat over him and let him thrust me the rest of the night, which there isn't that much left, and keep going all day until his Girl returns. But I don't want to seem needy. Be needy. Don't want to get into that messy ground where we have to call each other real names. Settle down for a cuddle and smooch. I just wanted a half decent fuck, and I got it. As much as I could keep fucking Cock Guy, and fantastically his cock is beginning to harden in my pusscunt one more, I should quit while ahead. Or I'm never going to be able to stop. Never able to say goodbye. And I don't want to shed tears at parting.

He looks up at me one last time. Does he want another fuck? He can't get up unless I do. My pusscunt grips him like a recalcitrant child not wanting to let go of a toy and do as she's told. I make to stand, and my pusscunt holds him tight all the way out, pulling Cock Guy's cock up until into a fake erection until with a sucking plop it splashes down next to his phone.

I tumble off the bed and stand there naked, his cum still trickling down my thighs. Cock Guy lies there, taking in the view of my body. it would be so easy to take him there again, unable to move.

"lover?" His Girl is still there on his stomach. I pick the phone up and place it near his mouth. As I do so I bend down and bob for his cock, taking it in my mouth again. Taste his cum and my juices on it. It twitches and hardens again. Yes, if I wanted him, he would satisfy me all night.

Cock Guy is saying goodbye to his girl. He's tired and she understands. She must demand a lot from him too. Perhaps we are not so different in our ways. I suck the cum juice mix from his cock and let it go. This is where it ends.

Cock Guy lets me switch the phone off and it's just us two again, like that first time in the alley, the hallway, on the sofa. I roll him on his front and untie the tights. They've been stretched a bit too much to wear again tonight but a wash or two and they should be back to normal. Perhaps I should save them in my bag in case I want to tie up another guy.

He rolls on his back again and his cock is huge and ready once more. He wants to fuck me again. Hands on this time. I want to feel his hands on my breasts as I fuck him cowgirl style too. Have him spank my arse as he thrusts his cock in my puss doggy style. The sexual tension between us is almost overwhelming.

I bend down and gather up my clothes.

"Call me a taxi, please." Is all I want to say for now.

His Girl keeps a box of tissues by the bed. He hands it to me to wipe the cum from my thighs, my breasts and my face and hair, tugs on his boxers over that still fantastically hard cock, and starts thumbing a number on his phone.

This is where it ended. In a strange hall with a strange but compelling man with a fantastic cock. The tension is still there as the taxi honks impatiently outside for me.

"Was I that bad?" Cock Guy asks.

I shake my head. "You were fantastic. Straight A pluses. But..." I nod at his phone in his hand.

He has a girl. A very filthy and demanding girl. I could be as demanding too, and even filthier. But I didn't plan beyond a simple fuck. I'm not even going to be around soon. Why bother with what can't be. 

He nods but I don't think he understands. My pusscunt doesn't either, sobbing tears of his cum into the sticky tissue wedged under my knickers. I don't even kiss him goodbye.

In the taxi, I don't wave goodbye, as he stands there watching me drive away. I'm not one for looking back. 

But my mind is full of what we did. Watching him pull his cock out in the alley, unseen by me but my puss tingling and getting wet at the show. Having his cock in my mouth and tasting him that first fantastic time. His cum shooting out all over me and drenching me in pure sordid spunk. The first penetration and almost automatic climax because he wanted me so much. And then finally having an orgasm. Rawsome, as his Girl would probably have said. My pusscunt agrees.

I pull my phone out and go to thumb a friend's number. But a strange one is already there. The one I got in the club but never used. Never named, because I didn't think a name would be necessary. There's a moment of realisation, and I do look back just before the taxi pulls round the corner, to see him still standing in the doorway.

I look down at my phone and thumb 'COCK GUY' after it. Save it.

The taxi spins quickly round the corner, and I'm aware of my breasts swinging a little too freely inside my top.

Now where did my bra get to?

The End?

don't be a stranger pt 8

'Girl Power'

Another part of me is still wondering what Cock Guy's Girl is doing as my puss gets cunt-fucked. Cock Guy is really going for me now, as he describes how hard he wants to fuck her while really it's what he is doing to me without his hands. Does he like being tied like that? Is he working out that frustration by compensating even more with his cock. It's become a vicious weapon, jerked by his thighs into excruciating angles down in my puss, digging over my g-spot and slamming up against my cervix.

On the phone Cock Guy's Girl also sounds like she is going for it with her squirting vibrator. Has she bent over so it can doggy her? On all fours, one hand ramming it into her puss while holding her phone and giving out squees of filthy satisfaction? On a bed like us, or on the floor? And telling Cock Guy how amazing he is. How fantastic and fuck-quenching. There's a faint pulsing buzz, loud then muted, as her puss muffles it, over and over. Has she named it yet? Or does she do that after? Decides what to call it based on how good a fuck she had?

And in the middle of this phone sex, me. Cock Guy and his Girl may be enjoying this, because they've obviously done this many times before, but I'm the one getting properly fucked. I wish I could tell her. Say yes, your lover is the most amazing fantastic fuck around. Thanks very for sharing. But I still can't make a sound. It feels almost as strangely intimate hearing her tinny voice getting doggy fucked by her vibrator as it is having Cock Guy finally fuck me like I have wanted since seeing him. I fancied that fuck and went for it. Thanks very as well Cock Guy.

"lover?" I nearly jump as Cock Guy's Girl breaks the squelchy slapping and unending sordid blow-by-blow, thrust-by-thrust, fuck-by fuck details gasped across whatever phone network they use.

Cock Guy slows but doesn't stop his fucking. "Yes cumslut?"

"can i cowgirl you? i wanna feel you tween my thighs."

Sounds good to me. I crane my neck to glance back. Cock Guy will have to be untied as he can lie on his back with me on top, won't he? He slows his fucking to a stop, leaving his cock inside me. I keep pushing back as he decides. A no-brainer surely, unless he doesn't like that position? Keep squeezing my puss round those fantastic rough veins texturing his rock-like cock. Reminding him that the real fuck is here.

"Yes I want you to ride me cumslut." 

My puss spasms with anticipation. But it doesn't want to let his cock go. Cock Guy tires to shuffle back out of me but I crawl backwards with him, shifting my weight on my free hand while still aiming his phone and his Girl's voice at him. Until my pushing topples him and he is forced to sprawl, hands still bound to his ankles, on his back with a soft thud. Knees apart. arms pinned behind. And suddenly I'm reverse cowgirl on his thighs, sprung there, falling to straddle him by his cock tugging me on top. The force of it in my puss, grinding against her rear softness and catapulting me back, is exquisite. I doubt we could have done that if we tried but amazingly, there it is.

Cock Guy's Girl responds to the noise of us repositioning, as it were. "you okay lover?"

I can't imagine how painful it must be for him to be in that position, his weight on his arms, let alone mine. I have to pull a face in the mirror so he can see me mouthing if he is okay. There's a sort of pained nod. If he likes being tied then I suppose this is just more bondage of a sort. He has a sort of smile behind his grimace. He does like this.

"Which way are you cowgirling me cumslut?" He gasps as my thighs shift their weight to relish his cock in my puss. Should I be gentle, or does he prefer rough? Tender or merciless? I'm going for the latter.

"what would you like lover?"

I could turn and face him without getting off his cock if she wants. What do I want? Do I prefer the anonymity of his cock without needing to see his face? His expressions? Whether he likes it or not?

"I'd love to see your titties hanging over me cumslut. But tonight I'd like reverse. You have such a perfect arse."

Does he mean her, or really me? And what's wrong with my breasts, even if he can't touch them? Does he prefer them over mine?

"whatever you want fucktoy. you know your cumslut loves whatever you want 'cause you are soooo fucking horny." Another giggle.

"you gonna spank my arse lover?"

Oh. My look at Cock Guy in the mirror is one of "Oh shit.". His back to me is about the same.

He doesn't really spank her over the phone does he? Does he pretend to? Make a slapping sound on his thigh or other part? Cock Guy nods at my arse. He does. I'm not sure if this is degrading or kinky. With my free hand I reach behind, hesitate, then bring the palm of my hand down hard on my arse with a stinging slap. I've been spanked during the odd fuck before but after the sharp pain subsides the relaxing sensation ripples through to my puss in ways it didn't before. Ever. If this fuck couldn't have been even more fantastic it is now.

"ouchies lover!" Cock Guy's Girl squeals an appreciative moan. The lapping buzz of her vibrator quickens.

I slap my arse even harder. My puss quivers even more. Responding to the slap now. A sharp tingle around Cock Guy's cock that makes its filthy deep penetration even more fantastic. I want him to shove up as I slap. Make it feel as if he is slapping it inside my puss, as painful as it gets. I want to feel the same hurt he is. Hard extreme feelings for my puss.

"Does my cumslut like that?"

If she doesn't, but I suspect she will, then I'm more than ready to. Push push push. yes yes yes! I'm already spanking myself towards that elusive owed orgasm. Just the thought of fucking Cock Guy should have been enough but this is even better. Cock Guy's Girl replies to each loud sharp slap with ringtone moans and squeals. She's going to come as well. I feel Cock Guy's helpless pinned stare on my back. In unison, his Girl and my puss are giving him the fucking of a lifetime yet he is helpless and Team Cock Guy's Girl is for the win. I can only imagine what is going through his mind. The sight of me fucking his cock. The sound of her fucking her squirty vibrator while thinking of him doggy styling her or cowgirling him. I wouldn't have thought him capable of taking all this lying down. But he is quite literally is. Almost. He is jerking his thighs, his cock, up into my puss in time with my slaps. Jerk. Slap. Cock Girl's moan. Thrust. Spank. Squee. Buck. Wallop. Orgasm.

Yes, orgasm. At long last. Cock Guy Girl's voice becomes an uncontrolled rapid high-pitched panting. It's the silenced voice of my puss too as my breasts heave and I gulp to not gasp out mine. It's lost control in time to her cries. Rippling. Convulsing. Clenching and vicing that fantastic cock. And that fantastic cock gives back it all. Loads and loads again by the burning feel. Thanks very.

Then I'm lost in an explosion of sensation from my belly. His cock isn't just scraping my g-spot, it's touching every part of me. He's not just filling my puss with cum again, I'm soaked in a shower of it. Perspiration breaks out in a fine sheen all over my naked skin. Hot flush, then cooling.

I can't even hold the phone over my shoulder any more as Cock Guy's Girl cacophony screams against my ear. She keeps crying out her tinny orgasm as she tumbles down my back, bounces off my arse with a filtered yelp of ended climax and lies panting somewhere on Cock Guy's stomach.

To be continued.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

don't be a stranger pt 7

'Three Into Two'

Cock Guy's thighs jerk against mine as his cock throbs and spasms in my puss for what seems forever. It's our only physical point of contact. In the mirror I can see his wrists and ankles straining and twisting at the black tights binding them behind his back. He can't touch me or hold me or slap me. But I have him. My puss grips his cock as it twitches its climax. Holding it and restraining it in a burning liquid vice, made even hotter and wetter by his cum now. But I haven't come yet. As fantastic as feeling as him coming in me was, he was too trigger sensitive and fast after the nipple fuck to hold back and wait for me, even if he wanted to.

I can hear Cock Guy Girl's breathy arousal on his phone as I hold it over my shoulder. I hope she can't hear me. Discern my excited quick breathing from Cock Guy's loud climax. I wonder if his cries turn her on as much as they are me, on top of his captured fuck. Talking of which...

Cock Guy shudders to a tremble of post-coital trauma. His naked body quivers, spent, trying to stay up in its bound kneeling position. In my puss I can feel his cock going a bit limp and shrinking but she isn't going to let him get away so easily. I'm owed an orgasm and I'm calling the debt.

"lover?" Cock Guy Girl's tinny voice is still between us. "Did ya come?" At the moment, out of the two of us, only I know the answer. 

Cock Guy tries to grunt a reply. My puss clenches on his cock harder. He moans. Even more I squeeze his cock to make it hard again. Wank him wth my hot wet folds, slippery and sticky with cum. He moans again and tries to push forward. He's finally at his limit. But as long as he stays kneeling up, he's mine for the taking.

"Fuck." Cock Guy whimpers at last. "What did you do to me?"

Clench. Push back against his cock. Ripple. Push back. Squeeze. Push. Grip. Push. Push. Push!

"oooh lover." His Girl says. "did i make you come loads? was i good?"

Yes, loads. He came loads, thanks very, Cock Guy's Girl. You may be sowing your filthiness but I'm reaping all the way. Push push push, my puss! His cock has no choice but to harden against my wet vice. Push. Embrace. Push. Jerk. Push. Wank. Wanking him with my puss as his hands are unable to. Wank. Wank. Wank. I never thought, when I first took his cock in my mouth and had him jerk his cum down my throat that I would be the one doing all the work fucking. But there it is. This has become my fuck. My way. Cock Guy is just that. A cock for the night.

I still can't make a sound. Actually, tell a lie, I can't speak a sound, but the sound of my puss fucking around Cock Guy's cock has become a symphony of sound in itself. Squeeze. Squelch. Push. Splash. Grip. Slurp. Push. Splat. And accompanying it is the steady percussion of his cum dripping out of my puss onto the sheets, as I push round him, and it leaks past his shaft and balls.

"Yes." Cock Guy replies. "My cumslut was amazing. I came loads. There's cum everywhere."

Or would be if my puss hadn't claimed it. Thanks very again, Cock Guy's Girl.

Another girly giggle of a squee. I wonder what she is doing at her end. Wouldn't it be funny if she had a guy there, and was fucking him secretly as I fuck her lover. Both steeped in secrets. Never knowing. Thinking they are both alone in their separated intimacy and filthiness yet sharing it. Would he be an anonymous stranger to her as I am to Cock Guy. At least, not knowing names or details. We are now no longer strangers when it comes to intimacy. To sex. To just plain needy fucking.

"What are you doing, cumslut? Have you had a gasm yet?"

The line goes a bit odd. Cock Guy Girl's voice is still tinnily audible above it but there's a background buzz. Like it could be a vibrator. 

"i didn't take lil andy so I bought a new vibe. one of those squirty ones i've always been meaning to. do you want me to use it, lover? put it deep in my cunny and squirt it when you come?"

I take this all in, the same way I'm taking Cock Guy's cock deep. Lil Andy? She's named a vibrator? Does this make Cock Guy the Big version? Or is it named after someone else? I push the name from my mind. No need to know either way.

But she wants him to make her come, and hopefully for her Cock Guy to come again. So do I. I'm silently cheering for Team Cock Guy Girl to make her lover hard and able to fill me again, while she christens her new water pistol vibrator in his honour. I wonder what 'he' will be named. I prefer my vibrators to remain anonymous, if that wasn't already a given. I don't need a relationship with them.

Clench. Push back against his cock. Ripple. Push back. Squeeze. Push. Grip. Push. Push. Push! Yes yes yes!

"What does my cumslut want her fucktoy to do to her?"

A pause. "you still gotta doggy fuck me lover. i ain't had a gasm yet."

I'm beginning to like her more. She's speaking my language. Thanks very, Cock Guy's Girl.

In the mirror I see Cock Guy going for me again. This time when I push back around his hardening cock, filling my already sensitive puss to the point where it feel like it is filling every part of me, there's a thrust back. Push. Thrust. Push. Ram. Push. Shove. The squelching slaps get louder and faster. As I've spread my knees his cock's angle is down and it's found my g spot. Push. Rub. Push. Scrape. Push. Drag. His veins feel like ropes round a drainpipe driven into my puss. Rough and huge. Somehow I manage to bite my tongue while gnawing my lip at the same time. I'll give out a Cock Guy Girl ringtone wail any moment if I don't suppress the urge, and he must be after all those climaxes already a sheer eternity away from coming again. All my nerves are on fire, burning with the intensity of being fucked hard and without mercy. I didn't give any. Why should I expect any.

Cock Guy comes out with a torrent of filthy description about what he would be doing to his Girl if she were there. Struggling to keep a grip on the phone aimed at him over my shoulder I crane my neck to try and make eye contact. He's describing how he's fucking me. Except he wants to grab her titties as they dangle and slap her arse hard as he pounds and punishes her cunt. My puss tingles at hearing him call her a cunt. And tingles even more at being fucked like one. Of course being tied my breasts and arse are off limits to his hands. But a part of me wishes they weren't. 

To be continued.

don't be a stranger pt 6

'Easy Come, Easy Go'

Cock Guy Girl's wails suddenly come to a breathy stop. I'm panting too, confident in the fact her voice is masking mine but suddenly I sound too loud in the silence, even compared to Cock Guy's grunts as he fucks my nipples. I can sense he's close to coming again. That exquisite tingling throb a cock has just before. And my nipples are tingling next to him. Rawsome, as his girl might say.

Has she had her orgasm? I bite my lip again to silence myself, as Cock Guy keeps ramming my nipples, his palm pressing it against them with maddening urgency, wanting to cover them with his cum once more. And keeping my breasts palmed tight for my nipples to be close enough for him to fuck simultaneously, I'm wanting him to as well. I remember his how he shot his spunk over me before. I could do this all night, if he wants. I wonder if his girl is as vigorous and insatiable. She sounds like she might be. But why has she gone quiet?


Cock Guy has to stop to answer, and I can sense the frustration in his grunted reply.

"i want you to fuck my cunny." Her what? Cunny? Oh she's being cute again.

Cock Guy pants and grunts. He is still pressing hic cock against my nipples but not rubbing them. It throbs on the edge of climax. It might only take a small movement from me to make him come again, quite violently.

He just grunts. Gasps.

"doggy me lover."

Right now how is this going to work.

"where are you lover? in bed?"

I can tell now is not the time he wants to be talking. He wants to be fucking or wanking. To be honest, I'm siding with him. He can fuck me, or even wank me with his fingers if he wants. But if his Girl wants fucking doggy style, there's a very obliging needy puss right here to take her place.

"No." Cock Guy sighs. "But I can be there in a minute. BRB and call you then?"

His Girl giggles and moans a yes then Cock Guy thumbs to end the call. He looks at me, torn. Can he? Should he? I decide for him. This has gone so far and I want the fruits of my boldness. Standing, I take his hand and help him up. He wobbles, legs weak from climaxing twice. Cum drips from both of us as he tugs his boxers and jeans up enough so he can walk. He is going to have some cleaning to do after.

"Where's the bedroom then?" 

Still holding my hand he leads me upstairs to a quite large bedroom with a neat doublebed. Cuddly toys line a shelf. A dresser is full of makeup and sprays. A full length dressing mirror has been angled so anyone on the bed can be seen reflected in it. I like that. I'd like to see what goes on when we do.

Time is running until he has to call back so I'm urgent in finding out.

Cock Guy indicates the bedstead. "She kneels up against that and I fuck her from behind."

"That it?"

Cock Guy shrugs but is also blushing. "I, um... well, I also like her to tie me up. Sometimes."

"While fucking her doggy style?"

He blushes more. "Er, no. She uh, prefers I play with her titties as I fuck her that way. To be honest I love playing with them too but she insists on that. I'd actually like to fuck her doggy style while... tied up."

So there are some things she doesn't do. Or at least her needs outweigh his. Surely she must realise? But a hands off doggy style fuck. My puss is pounding inside my panties to be let out. She doesn't care how, only now.

My breasts are still exposed from my top, the stretchy neckline giving them an unexpected lift. I wonder where I left my bra. 

"Undress me. Quickly!" I tell him. I expected resistance but he responds instantly to my order. Does Cock Guy Girl order him around? Dominate him?

Cock Guy is surprisingly vigorous. He doesn't quite tear my top off but his speed and care is breathtaking. He tosses me on the bed and tugs my skirt off, then my tights. Carefully but exhilaratingly fast as they zip off my legs. Then I'm just left in my panties and he peels them from my wet puss, feeling how soaked they are and relishing the scent of them. I must reek by now but lie there gasping. He stands over me, taking his clothes off with equal if not more speed and energy until he is properly naked. And his cock is beautifully hard again, with a coating of glistening cum that makes it shine in the bedroom light.

"How does she tie you up?" I expect him to go to a draw or cupboard and pull out some bondage restrains of some sort but he goes to my discarded tights and offers them to me.

"With her stockings." Tights aren't exactly the sexiest item of lingerie but it's all I have. If i'm going to do this properly, then his binding is mine and mine alone. If he gets chafed by them then I'm keeping the tights that mark him. My keepsake.

"Kneel where you would be fucking her." He does as told instantly. I'm getting to like having Cock Guy obedient to every whim. Almost to the point of wanting to know his name. No, keep the anonymity of it. I won't be coming back this way. Why pine on that want.

I position him so his knees are apart and his ankles crossed, then wrap the black tights one way then across so he can't bring his legs back together. Then I get him to cross his wrists and stretch the legs up to bind them together and close to his ankles. He wobbles on the mattress, his only support resting his palms on the heels of his crossed feet until I clamber in front of him. 

His phone rings. Shit! Where is it? Cock Guy gulps and shrugs, unable to move. I crawl out from in front of him and find it on the end of the bed, then crawl back and kneel up beside him, his bare body against mine. There's extreme sexual tension as our naked bodies finally meet. His stiff hard cock twitches along my thigh as I hold the phone to his mouth. Our eyes meet. We are both beyond signalling "Fancy a fuck?" to "When are we going to?"

I thumb the call button and Cock Guy Girl's tinny voice is with us. Time to be silent again. But if he is as good as she intimates and I suspect, I wonder how I can't stop but match her ringtone orgasm?

"lover? is my fucktoy ready yet?"

"Yes, your fucktoy is ready for his cumslut. Is she ready to be fucked and bashed from behind like never before?" As his Girl giggles a yes, he looks at me, and I nod. I want to be fucked and bashed from behind but I wonder what to do with the phone. I don't really want to be holding it over my shoulder as Cock Guy fucks me but I may not have a choice. In fact perhaps that's even filthier. I'll be holding her voice close to my mouth. I might not be able to moan my pleasure, let alone talk, but she'll be my voice, for as long as it takes.

"Cumslut?" Cock Guy asks as I angle myself in front of him. Lean up on the bedstead and part my thighs. My puss tingles and aches with the 'at long last' anticipation that has lasted an eternity, for this fuck. One arm supporting me, I hold the phone in my free hand and rest it on my shoulder, looking back at him. Daring him to go that final step. I can't see my puss but can just see him looking down at it. I remember the mirror and look at that. Get a grandstand view of his arse about to eclipse mine as he angles his cock into my puss. He strains at my tights as he edges forward on his knees, and the jerky penetration makes me want to gasp.

"yes lover?" Her tinny voice is almost in my ear.

"You should know..." And I tense as I wonder what he is going to say. I don't want him pulling out at this point and spread my knees so my puss is pushed to surround him. Take him whole and deep. He lets out a gasp. Still on that edge.

"oooh lover? are you close to coming?"

"Yes. Very close yes. I was..." I wriggle my puss so he has to stop himself, in more ways than one. A cry. Moans. "Fuck, I'm gonna..."

His thighs jerk and spasm, thrusting his already puss-deep cock around inside me. There's a burst of heat in my belly than makes me want to scream out loud. Thankfully, Cock Guy does it for me. I almost bite my tongue to stop myself making a sound.

"ooooh come for me fucktoy!" Cock Guy Girl's voice squees "come for me hard and fill me."

She took the words right out of my mouth...

To be continued.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

don't be a stranger pt 5

'Keeping Abreast of His Girl'

Cock Guy is still panting and trying to get his breath back from covering me with his climax, our eyes locked. What is his next move? Cock Guy's Girl is still calling him and getting no reply. What is my next move, kneeling between his knees, covered in his cum?

"lover?" The small tinny voice of Cock Guy's Girl is getting more and more concerned.

Finally Cock Guy lifts the phone to his mouth and tries to croak a reply. His Girl giggles again.

"wassa matter lover? was i too rawsome for ya? you must really be missing me."

He didn't miss me, that's for sure. Now I know why her ringtone was so intense. She is one lucky bitch.

"do you wanna fuck my titties lover? i knows how you love that."

I can only imagine how they do this phone sex thing and what Cock Guy uses when she isn't here. Does he just wank? Or use cushions or something? There's a ping and Cock Guy thumbs something on his phone, then turns it to me. There on the little screen is a picture of a woman's breasts, cradled in long fingered hands, pressed together. So she reciprocates with photos of her boobs. They're full, pale, with nipples signalling arousal. Mine aren't quite so big but they are firmer. Hers look like they would swallow his cock whole. Smother it to death. And he looks like he wouldn't mind dying in them.

I let go of his cock, long strings of gummy cum stretching between my hands and his shaft until they split and drip between us. Smear the spunk over my breasts so they are slippery and glisten with it. Cock Guy's cock twitches and hardens again. There seems to be no stopping this guy! Fucking him must be an experience and a half. I reach behind, fingers still sticky and slippery and undo my bra properly. Shrug the rest of the cum-soiled top off my arms and let the bra fall away. Kneel up once more until my breasts are taking his erection between them, bare skin sticking and sliding and I press them together. They don't quite smother it but their firmness is a new sensation to it, smooth tight breasts against his stiff Cock. I can feel every vein, every throb, and his shunting up and down is matched by the pounding of my heart, which he must feel, even hear as he fucks my titties, not hers.

Cock Guy finally finds his voice again. "Yes I want to fuck my cumslut's titties."

There's another tiny giggle and squee of aroused delight.

"can you feel them round your cock lover? i'm squeezing them round it as you fuck them."

I press my breasts round his cock more. They don't quite surround it but he's enjoying it. And so am I.

"May I...?" Cock Guy hesitates. "Are your nips all pert and swollen?"

"oh yes. lovely and puffy for ya lover."

"May I... tap them with my cock? You know, bash them and splash them with cum?"

My eyebrows arch and rise. He's talking to her but in reality he's asking me. My nipples can be quite sensitive but they've never been hit by a cock. Perhaps it's about time I learned. 

"oooh yes lover. that is so dirty!" She lingers on the 'so', drawing the word out like his cum was between my fingers and his cock.

I release his cock from my breasts so he can take it. Firmly and decisively he uses his cock to club my left nipple, and more cum spurts from the end over it, leaving a burning wet sensation on it. Then he does the same with the right. The heat shoots through my breasts. My nipples stiffen under the warm sticky coating. A drop of cum leaves one and splashes on my tights, white against black. A single drop on my thigh that makes my puss tingle and want to reach out and feel it.

"oooooooooooooh" There's a long drawn out tinny sigh from the phone. By the sound of it, she's going to have another orgasm soon. I wonder what she does on the other end to match what Cock Guy would normally do alone. Is she playing with her nipples? Fingering herself? Is she naked too, wherever she is? Certainly not at home.

"I can hear you tapping lover. that is soooo horny. what are you hitting with your cock?"

He looks at me. I look at him. He wouldn't, would he? Tell her he has a stranger in her home, who just sucked him hard, wanked him even harder, and is about to fuck the tits off. I hope.

"My finger. Are your nips as big as the tip of my finger, cumslut?"

A girly moan of ecstasy. "oh yes lover!" A pause. "i'm smearing some lube over them and imagining it's your cum." There's another lingering sigh and I can hear a soft tinny lapping as she lathers her breasts with pretend cum. She is really quite filthy. That is almost turning me on as much as Cock Guy.

Cock Guy's cock twitches at her voice and the sounds. My puss is almost screaming for it. If the ache of need had a voice, Cock Guy's moan into cry as he came didn't even approach the wail of my puss for him now. But this act needs some resolution too. I press my breasts together as much as possible but not surrounding his cock. Both nipples are close enough for him to rub his cock against them at the same time. I move them up and down his stiff shaft so he can feel them. He's obviously not fucked her tits this way so I'm a new experience. Less pressure but hopefully more enjoyment. I can feel my nipples growing more sensitive as he fucks them from the tip of his cock to nearly his balls. I have to bite my lip to not make a single sound, much as I would love to scream my growing ecstasy. Instead, Cock Guy's Girl is vocalising it for me. She has become my voice. 

"I'm fucking your titties, my cumslut." His cock burns against my nipples with rapid frantic rubs.

"oooh lover! fuck my titties hard. can you feel them round ya?"

Cock Guy is beginning to pant again. "Yes my cumslut. I feel those amazing titties on my cock." But what he is feeling is mine. Cum oozes from the tip of his cock and sticks to my nipples as it rubs past them. Makes his fucking softer and wetter. His cum is my lube. How's that for irony.

Cock Guy's Girl is going for it on the other end of the phone. She's now at ringtone level. The moans becoming tinny cries. Cock Guy is going for my nipples too. They've almost been rubbed raw. Perhaps that's what his girl meant by rawsome? Sore yet feeling all the more fantastic for it. After all, isn't all fucking about friction of some kind?

To be continued.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

don't be a stranger pt 4

'Girl Say, Chloe Do'

The tenderness of the moment is broken by Cock Guy's phone moaning. A girl's moan. One only made in the peak of orgasm. Cock Guy's cock twitches in my mouth, seeming to go limp and harder at the same time. His eyes show terror. It's her, having an orgasm. A quite intense uncontrollable one. And he's recorded it for his ringtone.

"It's her!" he whispers "What do I do?"

He's asking me? Of all people? The one who just sucked off his cock to the most delicious blowjob ever? Because that's what his girlfriend had texted she would like to be doing right now.

I place my hand over his, the one holding the phone. Finally let his cock drop from my mouth, covered in cum and saliva, and find my voice. "Can you put it on loud?"

He nods. The phone's moaning is getting louder. Fuck, how long does she have orgasms? If it's Cock Guy causing them, then my puss definitely wants to know. The very hard cock way.

"Do it. Talk to her." I kneel up and place my finger to his lips before letting him answer. The phone moan is getting very insistent, even more filthy. "Our secret. Talk dirty to her. I want to hear."

There's a nod because the last thing he wants to give away is the fact he's just had a fantastic blowjob from another girl. 

"One more thing." I say "Don't use her name."

He smiles a strange smirk as if that isn't a problem. As I wonder why, he answers the call and the moaning is cut off just as it becomes a shriek of extortionate pleasure. My puss throbs with the sound of her losing control in the most violent way soundable.

"Hello?" says Cock Guy.

"hello lover. are you missing me?" Cock Guy Girl's voice is small and tinny, a bit posh, high and breathy at the same time but nothing like the ringtone moan. And she calls him 'lover'. The anonymousness of Cock Guy is maintained. I don't really want to know his name, if I'm honest. But I wonder what she looks like...

"Loads and loads." He looks at me, kneeling between his legs. I'm absent-mindedly stroking his cock, feeling its coating of his cum and my spit on my fingers. Deliciously hard, it twitches and throbs and glistens in the low lounge light. Cock Guy inadvertently gives a short low moan. Loads. A loaded double meaning if ever. And both know it.

"what you doing lover?" The question isn't an accusation. It's as if she knows. Or at least thinks she knows. "are you naked?"

Cock Guy hesitates, wanting to answer honestly. then "Yes."

"are you wanking?" Again it's not a 'because you shouldn't' tone but 'because of me?' hint in her voice.

"Always. You know you love that."

There's a tinny girly giggle. They must do this a lot. It's almost like two actors playing out a well rehearsed scene. They know the moves, the words, and yet they keep it fresh and exciting.

Cock Guy looks at me and asks "What would you like me to do? You got my photos, didn't you?"

"oh yes lover!" 

"Did you like them?"

"oh yes lover!" Emphasis on the yes that time. They must do that a lot too.

"So?" Cock Guy asks.

I can almost smell the burning from the other end of the phone. The animal heat. The brain cells trying to think of something different and new. The wetness of her puss.

"What does my cumslut want her fucktoy to do?" 

They have cute filthy nicknames for each other. Cute filthy. Sounds like a contradiction. So that was what the smile was about. I wonder if he'll come up with one for me? Suckslut? Blowjobwhore? Suckerella? The night is young and any name, even a cute filthy one, detracts from what I want. What I need to know. I stroke his cock in a deliberate and vibrant way. She wants him to wank but it's my hands doing it. 

"you gonna come lover?"

Cock Guy's face is torn. The fact he probably is going to because I'm jerking his cock hard and he has no control over that. The fact he is talking to his girlfriend while 'Blowjobwhore' becomes 'Handjobwhore' before his eyes and there is nothing he can do about it. I look up at him. Grin. Is this what you want Cock Guy? Really really want? My hands go ziggazig ahh over the hot tight veiny skin, pulled even tighter by my palm as it wanks him off without mercy or care. Or a name.


Cock Guy lets out a moan. I've brought him to the edge again.

"lover are you gonna come for your cumslut?" She's heard him. Is his moan turning her on like it is me?

"Yes, yes yes yes..." His voice tails to a cry. I jerk him more.

"lover come on my titties" Cock Guy Girl tells him. If that's what she wants...

I quickly tug the neckline of my stretch top and bra straps off my shoulders with my free hand and tug my breasts out of their low cups.

Cock Guy's cries are now loud and uncontrolled.

"lover?" It sounds like she's never heard him wank this hard before. My puss is gasping with the amazing arousal of it all. I wonder if hers is.

Cock Guy's cock spasms in my palm and he lets out a moan shriek of almost unbearable loudness and intensity. Then his cock spurts again for a second time. A fantastic jet of gushing white wetness that fires high and arcs down again on me. All over my face and breasts. The hot splashes ooze down between them as the rest drips down my cheeks, nose and chin. Fuck! That's twice in as many minutes and he wasn't joking when he said 'loads and loads'. His loads are... loads!

Still his cock twitches and smaller spurts cover my palm and his stomach. Like icing on a cake. My tongue subconsciously flicks out to lick the cum that has dribbed over my mouth from my nose. Still delicious.

"lover? did you come?"

Cock Guy's arm has gone limp at his side, the phone cradled in his palm.


Cock Guy looks at me with a "What the fuck did you just do to me" question in his eye. I just look back at him with a "You haven't seen anything or felt anything yet" stare. That's if he's up for it. His cock is slightly limper but still useful with a little encouragement.

"lover?" Cock Guy Girl sounds concerned, bless her.

"lover are you okay?"


To be continued.