Sunday, 17 June 2012

scene setting - de-grade me

okay readers i knows it been YONKS since i posted but that's cos andy and me have been having lotsa hornee fun. nows you knows andy loves what they call cosplay where i dress up and we act out real dirtee scenes cos... well cos its LOTS of fun! andy comes up with all these amazing scenes idees and sometimes i write them up and mail them back so he knows they make me hornee as wells! so i'm gonna post a few...

mebbe some are usual guy cliches like student/teacher but heys he's MY fucktoy and writing them up so they work for me makes me hornee and THAT'S what counts yeh? ;-D

I wanna good grade! And I'm gonna gets it!

You knows how it is, College ain't really for studies. Well the *studies* I wants are the fit studs who do sports and stuff. Studs who I wanna invites over for wild parties. Not just at weekends but all weeks. Every night! Guess that's why my grades ain't been so goods, and if mummsy and daddsy sees them after paying for me to be here I'm prob gonna get gounded. No more studs. No more parties.

Ain't gonna happen lol!

So i got mes a plan.

I gotta hand in my course works and I knows just the right teacher to mark me. Fuck I wishes he WOULD mark me. Hard. On my arse. And tits. Tween my thighs. He's a hottie and no mistakes. But I need my grade. He's always been kind to me. Gimme benefit of doubt when my work ain't so great. Fuck he'd have MY benefits and no doubts lol.

Last day of term is dress down day. We can wears what we wants. But I wanna keep it simples. So I keep my uniform on but as I'm not gonna need it after todays, unless some guy wants extra underage kinks lol, I spent all last night tweaking it. I'm now the slut college girl from hell. Skirt taken up to extra short. White sheer long sox pulled up over my knees with lil red bows. Killer 5 inch heels. No bra and my blouse unbuttoned daringly so I'm all in dangers of popping out if I twirl my innocent ponytails just a lil too hard. And no panties either so i hopes it ain't too breezy or someones gonna get a flash lol!

So as I shasay down the hall, popping gum in lil pink bubbles like lil tits, swagging my boot-tah, I can tells the guys jaws are smashing on the floor like dropped plates and their eyes are following me on stalks. usually do thats anyways but now I'm full on horny-in-a-handbasket and I can tells their cocks are all twitching and stiffing for a piece of me. I'm sure I've made some leak pre-cum in their boxers cos I can smell it from them. And ain't that the horniest thang for a gal like me? Gonna get some of thats later too, if I cans, y'know?

So in class I sits there no really taking anything in as Mr Hottie tries to give us a peppy talk on stuff outside college. I'm sitting there, crossed leggied, twirling my heel toe at him and my ponytail. Giving him the eye. The wink. Tween popping gum a pout or three. If he ain't getting hard I'm wastings my time. Tata grade. I'm itching to handmy work in. Cos it's got something extra I spent the night on too. After all that uniform tweaking and the effects I hope it has I got quite horny and that was just right for what I had in minds for my plan.

At long long last the end of class bell goes and everyone files up to Mr Hottie's desk to hand their work in. I linger back cos I wanna be alones when I hand my stuff in. Fuck it seems to take as long as the class itself for everyone to say goodbyes and get a 'good luck' from Mr Hottie. I slowly shasay up to his desk with my book in my hands and as innocent lil me look in my eyes as I can despite now being so fucking horny it hurts.

"Could I ask ya a real big favour?" I says it my bestest breathy lil girl voice. I lean forward and prop myself on his desk with both hands after passing my book to him.

"What is it, Sandra?"

"Well," And I'm in full husky sexsay tone nows, flirting with my voice, "Could ya gimme a lil idee bout what kinda grade I'll gets?" And twirl my ponytail suggestively.

Mr Hottie sighs cos he knows it ain't gonna be great. There's something just sticking out of the top of my book.

"I marked it for ya." I says eagerly, "I'm sure you'll see it's my bestest work ever!"

Mr Hottie's finger runs over the top of the sticky-outy thing which sure as fuck ain't just a bookiemark. Catches the pages of the book it marks and flips it open. His eyes focus and nearly pop outs. When he composes himself just enough, and I knows that twitch guys get when caught on the horn and have that pre-cum smell, his eyes raise to meet mine as I blow the biggest tit-like gum bubble and let it pop before using my tongue to pull its remains back tween my lips. And yeh I knows how to use my tongue in other filthy ways, it says to him.

His mouth opens and closes, trying to say my name but it won't come. Mebbe I've already made him cum in his trousers. Cos my bestest ever work is a big photo of me, totally nekkid. Legs apart and fingered my slit as I get off looking at a picture of Mr Hottie, ripped from last year's college year book. And I ain't left much to the imagination...

"Wells, sir? Do I get a good grade. Or are you gonna de-grade me... ?" 

As his eyes widen and lips twitch to say something, I inch up my skirt a lil, just to show I means business.

One fucking awesome grade cumming rights up lol!

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